Top Health Benefits of Using Tanning Beds
November 6, 2017
The Clean and Healthy Beauty Guide to Tanning
November 16, 2017

Glowing, gorgeous skin is something that ranks really high in the list of things that we want every summer. While baking in the sun is perhaps the most cost effective way of getting this look, the hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and the threat of skin cancer that comes with it, makes this method an instant NO. Long term exposure to the sun and its UV rays can cause the collagen in our skin to break down, which may eventually lead the skin to losing its beloved suppleness.

So, what are the ways of getting a brilliant glow, without having to compromise on the safety of your skin? Worry not, as we have you covered with the following methods that will maintain your radiant skin and will help you look good and feel good.


Tanning is regarded as the gold standard for all methods that are available for getting a glowing skin. With numerous forms of tanning available in Utah, from sunbeds to spray tans, excited individuals can get the supple look without having to compromise on a lot. With enhanced beauty generated through these methods, your skin can regain its radiance and the glow you envy after a high pressure tanning session in Utah.

Spray Tans

Although, we have already mentioned spray tans above, we are going to do so again because this tanning method is just so insanely effective that you need to try it asap. Individuals opting for sunbeds were bombarded with claims that the UV methods used in sunbeds were similar to what the sun does to your skin through UV rays. This is why spray tan has emerged as the new hot favorite for most users. Spray tan comes with its own sets of benefits that are too good to be true. Moreover, you can keep the desired effect for long by following simple tips such as exfoliating before the tan and moisturizing every day after it.

Your Make up Routine

We are talking about glowing skin here, and there is nothing that makes your skin glow more than make-up. If you need a quick glowing look, the best option for you is to go for the right make up choices as they can definitely give you the tanned look. The right accessory here is a bronzer which can come handy once you are done applying your foundation. Just simply rub the bronzer on your face and reap the fruits of a perfectly tanned face.