What is Sunless Tanning?

Sunless tanning is a popular way to enjoy the look of a tan without the need to go in the sun or tanning bed. Many years ago, the first self-tanners introduced to the market contained dyes that left the skin orange and streaked. Today, thanks to modern technology, Self-tanners are the perfect solution for creating an instant, realistic tan without unsightly orange streaking.

How self tanners (DHA) work?

Sunless tanning products work by creating a response with the top layers of the skin. Dihydroxyacetone or DHA sugars react naturally with the protein in the skin to create that golden color tanners are seeking.

Our Sunless booths use a DHA self tanner and bronzer blend to give you the streak free golden tan you want-no matter what your skin type. They have added aloe and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and golden brown, so you can look and feel great. Not only do our sunless booths have a superior proprietary solution which results in the most amazing tan, but this rare combination of precisely timed and measured misting (HVLP) of the solution is truly one of our sunless booth advantages.

There is no longer any reason for any person to go through life looking pale and unhealthy or accept orange, blotchy, or streaky results!

The Euro Cocktail

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Before your Sunless Application

Because sunless tanners only affect the top most layer of the skin, it is best if skin is freshly exfoliated and moisturized prior to applying a sunless tanning product. If skin is dry or flaky, you may experience “spotty” looking results after a day or two.

What do I need to do prior to my Sunless session?
We recommend that you have showered, shaved and exfoliated well the day of your session for maximum results. Do NOT put on lotion of any kind prior to.

What do I wear for my session?
You do not have to wear anything. The room is completely private, so tanning nude is perfectly acceptable. However, if a bathing suit, underwear or anything else is worn it may be stained. The bronzer we use is water soluble and will wash out of clothing with cold water, but the DHA applications may cause stains on some fabrics.

Do I need to cover my hair?
No. Many customers wear disposable shower caps, which are provided by our Salon, to keep the solution from getting on their hair. Other customers tan without covering their hair. The solution will not penetrate the hair follicles.

What if I have fair skin that has never been able to tan?
Our Sunless solutions were designed specifically for individuals who can’t or don’t want to tan conventionally.

Am I wet when getting out of the booth?
No! With the Comfort-Dry feature in our sunless booths, it leaves you dry after every application by gently blow drying soft and refreshing air over the treated body area. So you will simply step out of the booth and put your clothes back on! Simple as that.

Does it turn my skin orange?

After Sunless Care

Keep in mind Post Sunless Don’ts

In order to get the longest life from your tan the following is recommended:

  • Avoid exercising, sweating , contact with water until after your first shower.
  • Wait a minimum of 8-10 hours before showering and apply shower gel with your hands. Do not use a loofah or a wash cloth, pat yourself dry. For best results use a shower gel made for sunless care sold at our salon.
  • Moisturize your skin several times per day with a tan extending moisturizer also sold at our salon. This will extend the life of your spray tan.
  • Pools and hot tubs with chlorine will make the tan fade faster. After using either of these, rinse the skin with fresh water so the chlorine does not sit on the skin and moisturize as soon as possible as noted above.
  • Don’t put on make-up or any other skin products until after your first shower

How long does the tan last?
The tan should last 4-7 days. Everyone’s skin exfoliates at different rates.

Can I do anything to improve results and extend the life of my tan?
Yes. We carry a full line of sunless tanning products that prep the skin, amplify the results, moisturize and extend the life of your tan. These products will insure you have the deepest, longest, most flawless lasting tan available in sunless today. We have these products available for purchase when you come for your Sunless session.