Choosing the Right Tanning Salon
July 11, 2017
October 19, 2017


As the trend of spray tanning begins to grow, people are coming in terms with how useful and beneficial this method is. Not only is the tan, obtained through this method, clearly visible and lasting, but it is also easy to get. So, if you plan to go for a spray tanning or sunless tanning experience, there are a few things that you should know beforehand.

No need for a foundation

Go for spray tanning with no make up on you. Even if you do have some make up on, the instructors at the booth would hand over some tissues to rub it off.

Explain your preferences

It is advised that you explain your preferences to the assistant nearby. Your preferences can be related to how dark you want to look like after the tan. If you want to go to a wedding the next day, you should take a lighter natural look; but if you want to go on a 10 day holiday, a darker look would be best.

Wear Disposable Pants

The salon provides you with their accessories which you need to come to terms with. Get completely undressed and have them on while the assistant is waiting outside.

Follow Instructions

During the tan, follow the instructions of the assistant. The spray will be cold but bear with it, with the thoughts of the golden body you will have after it, in your mind.

Shower after 6-8 hours

Shower after 6-8 hours of the tan to get the desired effects. Make sure to wear loose clothing on the way back home and not to have any immediate hangout plans afterwards. The right efforts would ensure that you have the perfect tan.

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