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December 28, 2017
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March 26, 2019

IST: Your staff has completed our Sun is Life® Training program. How important is a knowledgeable staff?

George: This is absolutely paramount. Educating customers in any industry is extremely important. Taking the time to show your salon guests why they would benefit from certain products and services not only helps build relationships, it sets us apart as the tanning experts. Our promise to our guests is to constantly educate and inform them on all things tanning and skin science.

IST: Our industry has existed since the late 70s and survived economic ups and downs, regulatory restrictions and negative media. As we move toward 2020, what challenges do you think we face?

George: Joe, I believe our industry will continue to grow, as many more studies are showing the positive effects of UV light. I think we will have a wide range of age groups using UV light for varying reasons – whether for cosmetic color, relaxation, multiple skin conditions, improving mood and all the other positive benefits.

IST: All great points, George. I personally believe that since the beginning of time, our bodies have craved the glow of UV light and folks sure do use it for a variety of reasons. The Sun is Life Training and Certification program covers the guidelines on what is permissible for salon operators to promote for the purpose of marketing their services.

To cap off our interview, I have one last question: where do you see yourself and European Tan in five years?

George: I see us evolving with the industry and continuing to strive for success by remaining on the cutting edge of new developments in equipment and skin care. We are dedicated to providing our salon guests with state-of-the-art facilities and the best tanning systems available.

Well done, George. Congrats to you and the entire staff of European Tan. All the best for continued success!