About European Tan

European Tan offers tanning equipment of the highest caliber imported from all parts of the world, such as Italy, Germany and as well as locally from the USA. European Tan’s equipment lineup consists of the greatest high performance tanning beds and stand ups, the VersaSpa Pro, Norvell Auto Revolution and VersaSpa UV-Free spray tanning booths as well as the newest and most advanced equipment and technology the tanning industry has to offer today: our high pressure tanning beds, including the Matrix, the P-90 and the Saturn High Pressure stand up.

Combine European Tan’s equipment with the highest quality tanning lotions and outstanding service in a beautiful environment and you have found European Tan’s key to success.

Located throughout the Salt Lake City area in Utah, European Tan salons only employ friendly, knowledgeable and certified tanning associates to assist you in your beauty and tanning needs. Please feel free to call or come in person for a salon tour and to speak with one of certified salon associates today.

Make History

Can people at a tanning company really make history? European Tan has accomplished many “firsts” in Salt Lake City. For example, European Tan was the first tanning center to bring in Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning in 2001 to Salt Lake City. We were the first to bring Unlimited Tanning Membership to Salt Lake City. We were the first to bring in Versa Spa Sunless tanning booth. We were the first to bring the Classic Leg Tanner. We have been voted top 250 salons in the nation by Looking Fit Magazine three times. We opened 6 salons in 10 years. So to us, “Making History” is part of our internal mission statement.

Our views on life

WEAR SUNSCREEN. We agree with doctors: When you are outside, protect your skin from the sun by wearing appropriate protection. Having a Base Tan helps reduce your risk of sunburn.

Take care of your body

It’s the only one you’ve got. Do what you can to keep it healthy and improve it. Whether you work out regularly or not at all, you’ll find that you look more toned, slimmer and healthier with a tan. When you look good, you feel better about yourself. And nothing’s more attractive than confidence.

Ask Questions

There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. So feel free to ask our staff members anything. We love to tan just like you, so we can always offer tips and advice, as well as answer your questions.