The Clean and Healthy Beauty Guide to Tanning
November 16, 2017
ET Featured in Island Sun Times Magazine.
February 24, 2019


Tanning is a ritual that almost every beauty-savvy woman goes through, at some point in time. While the sun is the best way to tan, and the beach is the ideal location, one has to make do with other options is those two are unavailable. In come tanning beds to save the day! However, sometimes even the best tanning beds can’t stop girls from having some strange thoughts associated with said beds.

To elaborate on this point, here are 15 thoughts that have crossed every girl’s mind while tanning.

Why is the lotion so crazy expensive? And why did I just buy a whole bottle!?

Let’s face it; if the lotion smells good, you’re buying it, regardless of the price! But that doesn’t stop a girl from questioning her decisions in life, especially the one that led to an $80 hole in her wallet!

How long is this gonna be? Like 20 minutes? That’s what, 5 Tay Tay songs?

Some ladies cannot help measure the time of everything in terms of Taylor Swift songs! The same goes for the number of minutes one has to spend inside a tanning bed, although you cannot argue that a series of songs is a very good way to spend the required time.

Hey maybe switching off the fan will get some of this chub off me!

Bad idea, ladies… We all know just how difficult it is to switch the fan off and tan, seeing as it gets hotter than the Sahara in there… Just keep the fan on and tan away in comfort.

How good will I look? Or rather, how good will I feel?

Don’t worry, all you gorgeous golden girls! You look good and we sincerely hope you feel good. The latter is practically a guarantee if you tan with us at European Tan, is Salt Lake City!

Will I have pale lines on my back because its smushed down?

No you won’t especially if you tan inside a state-of-the-art tanning bed; one which provides 360 degree coverage, such as the beds we have at European tan, in Salt Lake City.

Is 10 minutes good enough for a light tan?

Perhaps if you turned up the heat all the way, you could achieve some sort of shade change… But this is not advised, since excessive intensity in a very short time can be more damaging than good.

This bed’s been cleaned, right? RIGHT??

Most professional tanning salons such as European Tan, maintain strict standards for cleanliness. However, to settle your heart, you can wipe it down just to be sure, like you always do anyway!


Will this lighting look good with this filter?

Ahh yes, the ever-necessary Instagram photo! As a guide, use a counter temperature filter for photos. This means go with the orange/red filter, for best results and color depth!

Can I even find a tanning salon near me, in Salt Lake City?

Yes you can, as we serve Salt Lake City, as well as several other locations in Utah.